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Methods to get and stay well

Foot Reflexology

Our body is made to heal itself: how incredible is that!?! Cuts and broken bones magically heal, colds, viruses and other illnesses are overcome, and health is restored.

There are times, however, when some help is needed to get back on track, a kind of regular tune-up, to keep our body-engine running smoothly.

Eastern Foot Reflexology and Meridian Tapping are both therapies based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM is a health modality developed over 3000 years ago in China in the writings of the Neijing Suwen, the highest authority on traditional Chinese medicine, as well as one of the most important classics of Taoism.

TCM sees body’s health as being based on the even flow of “Qi” or life force energy. When the Qi is flowing smoothly, we feel good, are energized and enjoy good health. If there are disturbances or blockages in our Qi flow, we may become ill. Qi travels through the body and organs using energy highways called “meridians”.

Both Tapping and Reflexology work to help restore balance the body by giving impulses or removing blockages in the body’s energy highways or “meridians”. These disturbances or the disbalance can occur through physical, mental or emotional events. When the blockages are removed and Qi can flow normally again, the body can heal itself. in the body’s structure and to the emotional well-being of the client.

A TCM therapist doesn’t heal the client, rather removes disbalances or blockages in the flow in Qi, enabling the body to heal itself on its own.

Meridian TappingTapping Points

Meridian tapping, also called EFT (emotional freedom technique), is a healing modality to calm and alleviate a wide range of problems.

This method entails a client tapping on a series of meridian points with their fingertips while at the same time expressing what physical or emotional problem is bothering them. It is sometimes called “psychological acupressure” and belongs to a branch of new healing modalities called energy psychology.

This is part of what we do naturally

The human touch has been healing people for hundreds of thousands of years. Tapping someone on the should or patting them on the back is a natural reflex we do to calm and comfort another person and tell them, “I’ve got your back.” Many of the points tapped on in a Meridian Tapping routine are areas of our body we naturally touch when feeling certain emotions. Many of us only realized this when we started wearing face masks due to the Covid19 pandemic! We regularly slap our forehead when we forget something, tap our temple or rub our forehead or under our nose when we’re concentrating, touch the area around our mouth when we’re afraid, slap our upper chest when surprised etc.

Tapping is especially good at helping people overcome phobias and anxiety

EFT has proven successful in treating not only phobias and anxiety but also: chronic pain, PTSD, allergies, depression, sports performance problems, high blood pressure, weight problems, headaches, addictions etc. No wonder a movie was made about EFT called, “Try it on Everything”!

So if it’s so great…why aren’t more people tapping?

First of all, it’s so simple, it’s hard to believe it can work. And, well, it looks a little strange. Some people never start because of those two statements. Conventional therapists and doctors are very skeptical of the technique exactly because it seems to work so easily on so many different problems and they therefore write it down as “quackery” or at best the “placebo” effect. More and more therapists and doctors are integrating it into their practices, from dentists to hypnotherapists…to Foot Reflexologists.

People are using it, because it works. Just give it a try!

My Services

Your body heals itself naturally when it’s in balance. Foot reflexology and meridian tapping are both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) modalities, which support this goal. Both therapies give an impulse, activating a reflexive, healing response. Both treat the whole person — not simply symptoms.


In the first consultation — be it reflexology or tapping — I’ll ask many questions about your issue to get a better picture of it and to see if these therapies are for you. After reviewing the course of action, you’ll receive a massage or we’ll tap, or both. The initial appointment lasts 90 minutes, future appointments are 55 minutes.


For both modalities, wear comfortable clothing. In tapping, you’re fully clothed. In reflexology, you’re fully clothed except your legs below the knees.


Meridian reflex points are massaged on the soles, tops and lower legs of both feet. The massaged reflexpoints cover all inner organs, glands, lymphatic areas and the skeleton are treated. Areas of your foot may be very sensistive to the touch, it may be shortly painful. Sensitivity is a guide, not the goal. At the end of the session, the client usually feels lighter and has more energy.


The client taps on 8-12 meridian end points while repeating statements the therapist says focusing the issue we’ve decided to treat. As the problem is untangled, the client may feel strong emotions and release these.

Lisa Belser

… is intrigued by people and ideas. Her broad education, experience and interests combine western scientific method with Eastern therapies and philosophy.


Lisa lives in Berikon with her husband. She divides her workday between life as a middle school teacher and that of a Reflexology and EFT Therapist.


Born and raised in a musically-inclined / nature-loving family in Colorado and Ohio, she moved to Zurich in 1982 after college graduation and marrying her Swiss husband.


Switzerland is amazingly beautiful! In 1982, however, she found the limited roles for Swiss women problematic. This led her on a search for like-minded women and ultimately led to the founding of the PWG with Ethel Vogelsang in 1983.


The birth of a first child in 1988 and second in 1991 changed Lisa’s trajectory from traditional “office” worker to motherhood. It re-awakened her connection to the body’s innate intelligence, which she has been exploring ever since. While raising her children, she continued to work and study in areas connecting mind and body. 


1982: BA in German Studies and International Business
1997 Classic Massage Therapist
2002 Aerobics Instructor J & S
2004 Zurich Conservatory Music Teacher Diploma
2005 Middle School English Teacher Diploma
2009 – present Chinese Foot Reflexology levels I, II and III
2011- present EFT Therapist levels I and II



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